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Dedicated lines









Average check for drivers



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Satisfied workers

Drivers rates

Dry Van


Heavy Haul

Solo drivers rates

60 CPM (or 25% of gross)

65 CPM (or 25% of gross)

80 CPM (or 30% of gross)

Team drivers rates

70 CPM

Extra bonuses

Referral bonus $1000
$50 tarp / $50 extra stop

Owner оperators

88% of gross. Trucks for sale with financing

Solo drivers rates

Dry Van

60 CPM (or 25% of gross)


65 CPM (or 25% of gross)

Heavy Haul

80 CPM (or 30% from gross)

Team drivers rates

Dry Van

70 CPM 

Extra bonuses

Dry Van


Flatbed/Step Deck

Referral bonus $1000

$50 tarp / $50 extra stop

Solo drivers rates

Dry Van


Flatbed/Step Deck

88% of gross. Trucks for sale with financing


Rory Simmons

A fun place to work. Making great money and driving nice safe equipment. This company goes above and beyond what FMCSA specs require and their safety score proves it. If a driver is unhappy it's on him. The company is very VERY accommodating to driver needs and compensates me very VERY well to do my job. Believe me I would not be here if I was unhappy. My dispatcher is a former driver and knows the lay of the land Thank you Vista 💖💖

Ian Stanciu

Very energetic company, great communication between dispatch and us, never wait more then couple hours between loads, lots of account loads, dedicated lines and drop and hook, they do reefer, van and heavy duty step deck / flatbed. Office people are friendly and understanding, just awesome.

Don Cheek

Safety score means a lot to drivers, especially the drivers that know to look for this in a company. I must say I'm impressed with the score this company has. Going to be looking into this company. I'm a driver that likes anything to do with oversize loads. Keep up the work and hope to be talking soon.

Vista Trans Holding Truck Driving Jobs

Join the team of leading specialists in the trucking industry

Advantages of joining Vista team

As a company that started from one truck and grew into an international enterprise, VistaTrans understands the value of skilled and reliable truck drivers. We are always looking for new team members committed to our company’s values and open to professional growth. In our turn, we strive to provide a comfortable working atmosphere as well as transparent and predictable conditions. With each one of our driving jobs, you will receive the following benefits:

Only new, clean and fully functional equipment and trucks.

We respect your ways. Your cabin is your personal workspace, so you are welcome to keep yourself company with passengers or pets.

We provide full Logbook and Roadside assistance around the clock.

Our dispatch is available for you even after hours.

We offer inspection bonuses for a workplace that is kept clean, safe and professional.

Who are we looking for?

Every trucking company seeks to hire the candidates who spent many years on driving jobs. While we are always glad to employ experienced truckers, we don’t shy away from hiring some fresh blood. Vista Trans is open to those who are starting their career as truck drivers and seek opportunities for professional growth. These are the requirements every candidate for the truck driving jobs at our company should fulfill:

  • 23 Years or older
  • No accidents for the past 3 years
  • Less than 3 moving violations for the past 3 years
  • No DUI record for the past 10 years
  • Owner operators must have 2012 or newer model truck

Frequently asked questions

  • How many terminals do you have?

    1. Dallas: 1722 Minters Chapel suite 300, Grapevine, TX 76051 2. New Jersey: 4000 Bordentown Ave, Sayreville, NJ 08872, IL 60156 3. Main Terminal: 8 Prosper Court, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 4. Florida parking: 125 Southeast 5th Court, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 5. Toronto, Canada: 16 Newbridge Rd Unit B-101, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2L7, Canada

  • Can I take my pets on the road with me as a truck driver?

    Vista Trans is a pet-friendly company. We understand that pets can play an important role in a person’s life as a friend or a family member. Besides, we always strive to provide our drivers with the most comfortable work conditions. Therefore, if it takes a couple of paws or claws to boost your mood on a long drive, it is fine with us!

  • Can I take my truck home with me?

    Generally, we do not have an issue with drivers taking trucks home with them. However, we have a couple of requirements. A driver may take a truck home if he is not under a load. Besides, he has to secure a safe parking spot under government regulations.

  • Do you use driver-facing cameras in your trucks?

    Here in Vista Trans, we appreciate the driver’s privacy. We understand that putting our employees under unnecessary pressure will benefit neither our services nor our workers’ satisfaction. Therefore, we install cameras that record only the road in our trucks.

  • Do you allow drivers to bring riders?

    We have an open passenger policy. That means that we usually allow our drivers to bring riders with them. Yet, the driver has to notify us in advance about his intentions and visit the office to fill out the necessary paperwork.

  • How long do drivers usually stay out on the road?

    As an openminded and meaningful company, we provide our drivers with a flexible working schedule. In general, our drivers stay on the road for 4 weeks and then have 4 days of home time. Though we are always open to adjusting this schedule on the driver’s demand and can split working and off days.

  • What are your trucks governed at?

    Our trucks are governed at 68 MPM. We have this program limitation due to safety and law precautions. The majority of the time you will not even notice the limitations since it is the global speed limit.

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