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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our philosophy and the services we provide. Our vision is that your goods are our treasure and your time is our greatest concern. Here at Vista Trans, we think one can become the best freight company only by delivering the right product to the right place in the right condition and at the right time. We offer reliable cargo transportation services across the US and Canada on transparent terms and at affordable rates. You show us two points on the map and we provide you with a readymade logistic solution.

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Heavy Haul Shipping

Method of transportation unusually large and wide load.


Refrigerated Shipping

Only one option to transport food or other goods that require temperature-controlled trailers.


Dry Van Shipping

One of the most popular and widely trusted freight transportation methods available.


TL/LTL and Warehousing

Sometime it might be difficult to choose between truckload (TL) and less than truckload (LTL). Both of them are great choice but which is good for you?


Dedicated Shipping

Vista Trans Holding offer dedicated truck and trailer for customers who need to move goods on the same routes regularly.


Expedited Deliveries

If your freight needs to be delivered fast, Vista Trans Holding is ready to cover you. Whether it is a small box or full truckload, our promise is to deliver it on time.


Reach us to negotiate your next shipment

We believe that every delivery is unique no matter how standard cargo freight services may look. That is why we offer a personal logistics solution to each of our customers. You can reach us through our website where you can also calculate your online truckload.

Another special feature we developed for our clients’ convenience is online tracking tool, so you always know the status of your cargo freight delivery. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via phone, email or visit us at one of our terminals across the US or Canada. We provide our services and 24/7 support, year-round.

Track your freight

You can always track your cargo using our online tracking tool

Brokerage services

Cross border and interstate services

To satisfy your logistics urges within the US or Canada. We are not just making transportation, we plan, call into action, and control the movement and storage of your goods from one state to another, from the US to Canada.


Local distribution

Everyone knows that local orderings are the integral parts of any business. Developed systems or work let us match our line to your specific transport and logistic necessities.


Road, rail and expedited transportation

Your goods need to be delivered faster than regular transit times? No problem! We offer different ways of achieving that goal.


Medium, trucks and special logistics services

Whether your company is small or an international organization, we select the most appropriate way to move your cargo. Vista Trans Holding guarantees tailor-made services, and the reliability of delivery.


Special logistics services on request: group service, direct

Do you have an unusual transfer request? We provide high quality logistical solutions offered to a wide variety of unique industries. And besides, we’re always on call.


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Frequently asked questions

  • How do we calculate freight costs?

    The cost of a shipment depends on many different conditions such as size and weight of the load, type of shipment (LTL or Full truckload), delivery time, etc. For more detailed information, you can submit a shipment request on our website or simply give us a call.

  • What is LTL freight?

    LTL freight is an acronym for less than truckload shipment. This is a type of shipment when cargo occupies little space in the truck. With this shipment, a company can collect freights with a similar destination and send a full truckload in one run. The main benefit of LTL is that it allows shippers to pay less for the delivery.

  • What is the difference between less than truckload and full truckload?

    The main difference is that less than truckload is a form of shipment that allows various shippers to share space in one truck. Full truckload means that one truck is dedicated to the sole shipment exclusively. Choosing between these two is something that you should get advice on from a customer service agent. There are many different conditions to consider while making this decision such as weight, size, distance, and value of your shipment.

  • What is a BOL (bill of lading)?

    Commonly referred to as BOL, the bill of lading is a type of invoicing document used in the shipping. BOL is always issued by the carrier to a shipper as an acknowledgment of cargo shipment. Bill of lading should include all information about the shipment such as the address of delivery, freight class, description of cargo and packing type as well as special instructions from the shipper.

  • What is a freight forwarder?

    A freight forwarder is a common name for a company that organizes logistics between manufacturers or producers and distribution companies or final customers.

  • What is an expedited shipping?

    Simply put, expedited shipping is a type of trucking service that requires adhering to a strict deadline for delivery. Usually, such shipments are done by a single truck with two drivers who drive non-stop in shifts.

  • Can you provide team service in order to expedite our delivery?

    Customer’s time and satisfaction are our utmost priorities. If you have a strict deadline for a shipment, we will gladly provide a team service to expedite your delivery.

  • What does dedicated freight means?

    Often enterprises that frequently work with shipping companies set an agreement for a dedicated freight route. This means that a trucking company books an estimated load space for the company in advance with an established pickup and delivery location.

  • Do you ship across the US and Canada?

    Vista Trans provides shipment services across the United States of America. We also provide trucking services to Canada since we also have our freight terminals abroad.

  • What kind of goods do you haul?

    Our experienced specialists can haul almost any kind of goods. If your cargo can be loaded onto a flatbed or step deck, then we are able to deliver it.

  • Will I be able to track my freight at any given moment?

    Here in Vista Trans, we understand the value of every cargo as well as time and money behind them. Therefore, we provide 24/7 support for our clients regarding their shipments including online freight tracking.

  • How do we calculate freight costs?

    The cost of a shipment depends on many different conditions such as size and weight of the load, type of shipment (LTL or Full truckload), delivery time, etc. For more detailed information, you can submit a shipment request on our website or simply give us a call.

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